Instant Data Center

There are micro data centers, which are set up and established by a turn-key, modular system. They are designed and built quickly- to save you time, money and space.

data serverIt works to improve efficiencies, reduce cost and deployment and provide significance space and energy savings. There is an MMDC Modular approach, which adds racks and cooling. this drops OPEX and CAPEX- to closely match existing equipment arrival. All your needs floor space with power.

Instant data centers are built, designed, developed, and patented to meet (MMDC) standards. MMDC’s utilize a patented airflow, closed cooling solution that does not allow air into the cabinet. This means that the enclosure can sit anywhere, regardless of temperatures, weather or air quality.

Infrastructure Strategies

Security and Compliance- Make sure your micro data center is hosted by a company to support a cloud infrastructure. Make sure your data is maintained, data is secured, and meet compliance regulations. Information security and privacy controls and compliance framework is a must.

Reliability- Delivery systems is an approach to building, designing, operating, and deploying data centers. When software applications are built, every part of the physical environment- creates an opportunity to drive systems for better efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

Environmental Sustainability- To help improve the development of technology and software, this improves the environment and reduce impact upon it. The micro data centers improve efficiency while sharing sustainability best operations within the industry.

There are also 7 Infrastructure techniques to help your company grow:

data server* Cloud Strategy- Whether using a private or public cloud, every company
needs a workable cloud strategy that transform service delivery.
* Mobile Strategy- Reaches a huge population.
* Data Analytics Strategy- This strategy is used more to reduce fraud,
to build enterprise data and more. Data analytics projects are a
must and bring big benefits.
* Network Strategy- This process reduce data center cost by 60%, reduce
time spent on administrative task, cut operating expenses by up to 50%
and reduce power, cooling and energy cost.
* Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a process to reduce passwords and
providing challenges.
* Broadband/wireless Strategy- This provide faster internet speeds, WiFi, and
better reliability.
* Disaster Recovery- Are you ready if there is a fire, tornadoes, hurricane
or a fire? This strategy prepare for natural disasters.