How To Choose a Micro Data Center

Micro Data Centers fits a whole computer system onto 230, with fire and climate protection- which is part of the unit.

When choosing a micro data center, reliability is key. It’s a big decision, to house your critical infrastructure within your facility. Before you decide, you should take several factors into consideration. Listed below are six ways to help you decide:

data server* Reliability- When choosing a data center, reliability providers should have five
9s uptime, which means 99.999% of the time. You also should also look at on-site
support, staff certification and customer feedback.

* Location- The first thing to consider is how easily someone from your company
can get to your location. When you need service for your equipment or upgrades,
location is key. You should also take a look at your location, whether or not
the area suffers from floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes or eco-systems.
Make sure there is plenty of power to withstand any natural disasters.

* Network Ecosystems & Lemming Effect- Whether you want to connect with
competitors, partners, or distributors- interconnection brings more
business. An ecosystem helps with connectivity options.

* Flexibility and Expansion Scalability- You want your provider to meet your
needs for many years. Therefore, make sure there are levels of flexibility.

* Deployment- You must make sure your deployment efficiency communicates clearly
with vendors and meet deadlines.

* Financial Stability- The ideal micro data center should be able to support your
business for at least 5 years or longer.