Instant Data CentersMicro Data Centers may be deployed in Insurance, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Military & Defense, Public Sector, and Oil & Gas markets. Among these bases, applications are expected to witness significant growth rates. Micro data centers are used to mobile computing, high-density networking, instant data centers, disaster recovery, and remote office support.

The micro data center market can be segmented per rack size. The market is segmented according to how wide the space is. They are sold via small business, medium business, or whether it’s an enterprise. The microdata market in North America is saving and is rapidly growing. The Asian Pacific market is also growing, due to rising numbers of data centers in that region. The major micro data center companies include- Dell Inc, NetGear, Canovate Group, Memory Corp, Zellabox, Huawei, Panduit Group, Wave-2-Wave Solution Corporation, Elliptical Mobile Solutions, Rittal, SGI, IOGear, Silicon dust, Dane-Elec Memory Corp, Altron, PartPoints, Advanced Facility, Green Data Center, Hanley Energy and Dataracks. These micro data centers can serve as an alternative to server spaces. They operate at a PUE 1.0- 1.1 rating. Therefore, they are power efficient with low carbon.

The growing penetration of cloud-based services is expected to boost micro data centers market growth. Features such as energy savings, emergency backup, scalable solutions and low infrastructure are driving the market growth. Deployment of a micro data center can be made possible- due to the modularity and portability to design, which is expected to offer a huge growth opportunity in the micro data center market.

It’s a wonderful system to rely on. Don’t be blind-sided by poor application performance, service outages, user complaints, or system failures. Micro data centers integrate service management, gives you a holistic view of your IT environment, control application management, and help with business services. The data center provides application performance management (APM), IT process automation (ITPA), system management, and business service management (BSM). This helps your business running with improved availability and performance. The market challenges are detail list, view reports, and containerized data centers.

data serverMicro data centers are trusted, based on industry- leading standards, global, to help your business growth, compliance and worldwide organization, innovation, research, infrastructure, and sustainability to move towards renewable and greener data centers committed to energy. The old days of build-your-own based racks with computers, network components, and storage is long gone.

“A micro data center is software, hardware, and cabling that serves as a network unit.”